The perks of a consulting lifestyle

The perks of a consulting lifestyle

  09 Jul 2018

A life on the road to client site is full of ups and downs. However it can often be easy to forget how good you have it. Below are a few key job perks that differentiate a consulting position to a standard 9 to 5 office position.


Consulting jobs are generally better remunerated than their fixed location counterparts. Firms pay a premium to gain experienced flexible skills and that is regularly reflected in the paycheck.


Consultants are a sociable bunch. Although your midweek social life might suffer with you friends at home, there are always opportunities to bond with your team wherever you are.

Making an effort to explore the area you are based can pay dividends. You are free from the commitments of housework when staying in a hotel, so kick back and enjoy your evenings.



As a consultant you will generally be pulled into projects working on exciting initiatives for some of the worlds biggest businesses.

Career progression in consulting is generally swift. Although you may be doing similar tasks day to day, responsibility can ramp up quickly as you rise up the early rungs on the ladder.


Your work life will be varied and fast paced by nature, and you may be working in a team of 2 or 20. Its important to realise that as a consultant you are the product that is being sold, your skills are what add value. 

This proven experience, flexibility and valuable broad range of skills are very appealing to other consultancies and other companies in your niche.

You will likely receive a large number of job offers increase over time after your first year or so. Life after consulting can be fruitful, and you may find yourself higher up than others of the same age and experience who didn’t take the consulting path.


The ability to work across several high profile companies in a short space of time allows you to build a wide ranging network of contacts. If you ever decide to move on from your current position you will have lots of potential opportunities just an email away. 

It is very common for consultants to be offered permanent positions at current clients if they click will with the team there or offer useful skills.


Working as a consultant involves a lot of opportunities to reduce costs.

Not only is a large amount of your commute and travel costs covered, you can also reap the benefits of hotel living. Breakfast and dinner are generally paid for, gym facilities are regularly available and you may be able to expense other costs such as clothes washing. All of these costs are avoidable if you are thrifty and you can stick the extra cash away for a rainy day.

Geographic Flexibility

geographic flexibility

Not having a fixed office location can lead to massive financial savings and the ability to choose and tailor your lifestyle to your fixed abode.

Many consultants don’t even have a fixed property, and are happy to explore the country as projects crop up, renting as they go.

Even the ability to be based outside of large expensive cities can allow you to get more property for your money.

It is not unheard of for consultants to commute in for lavish, sunny, seaside villas abroad into commercial centres by plane a few times a week. The same amount of capital could probably only yield them a tiny apartment in popular built up areas.

Consulting can be a hugely rewarding career and the job perks just make is all the more sweet. Using them to your advantage can prevent burnout and lead to a long fulfilling career, and a bustling lifestyle outside of work.


Thanks for reading, C.


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